Oct. 2000 Working group on gender equality established.
2001-2002 Recommendations for Promoting Gender Equality at Nagoya University proposed.
Jan. 2003 Office for Gender Equality established.
Apr. 2003 Gender Equality Promotion Special Committee established.
2003 Positive Action for Hiring Female Faculty Members recommended.
2004 Aichi Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Forum on Gender Equality and Social Promotion initiated.
Apr. 2006 Cosmos Nursery School opened on Higashiyama Campus.
2007 Nagoya University Model for Supporting Women Researchers adopted as MEXT Program for Supporting Activities for Female Researchers.
Dec. 2007 Acalingo women science students' community established.
Jul. 2009 Asunaro Nursery School opened on Tsurumai Campus.
Sep. 2009 Poppins After School opened on Higashiyama Campus.
Jul. 2010 Nagoya University Model for the Employment Acceleration & Fostering of Women Researchers adopted as MEXT Program for Supporting Positive Activities for Female Researchers.
Oct. 2013 Women Leaders Program to Promote Well-being in Asia adopted as MEXT Program for Leading Graduate Schools.
Oct. 2014 Nagoya University adopted as MEXT Program to supporting research activities for female researchers, "Renkei-gata".
May. 2015 Nagoya University has been selected as one of the IMPACT 10x10x10 Champion for UN Women's HeForShe campaign.
Sep. 2016 Office for Gender Equality, Nagoya University has received a Sawayanagi Seitaro award for gender equality by Tohoku University.
July. 2017 Office for Gender Equality was reorganized to the Center for Gender Equality.