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Mana Takahashi

Designated Assistant Professor, Center for Gender Equality, Nagoya University

Mana Takahashi received her Ph.D. in Comparative Law from Nagoya University in 2018. Her research topic for the doctoral dissertation is "Project Design of law and justice assistance for enhancing people's access to justice in fragile states: Lessons learned from the experiences of Australian law and justice assistance project in Solomon Islands." Mana also holds a MA in international development from Nagoya University in 2009.
Mana previously worked as a project management officer in the field of IT, at IBM Japan Ltd located in Tokyo, Japan, and as a consultant at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific located in Incheon, Republic of Korea.
As selected research activity, Mana was engaged in the Australian National Parliamentary Fellowship Program (NPFP) from August to October 2016 in Canberra as a first Japanese fellow to Australia. She conducted a research project on the Australian aid policy to the Pacific region, based in the Australian National University, Crawford School of Public Policy.

Research Interest: Law and development; Rule of law assistance; Legal pluralism; Access to justice; Method of project management; Small Island Developing States (SIDS); Regional study (Oceania)

Selected Journals / Translations

Journal / Articles
- Mana Takahashi. "Lessons from Project Transition Experiences of Australian Law and Justice Assistance in Solomon Islands". Journal of Australian Studies.Vol.31 (2018). Australian Studies Association of Japan

- Mana Takahashi 'UNCITRAL RCAP and the current challenges of legal technical assistance'. "Kokusai Shouji Houmu" Vol.42. No.2.434-437. (2014.03.14). The Japanese Institute of International Trade Law

- Hiroo Sono and Mana Takahashi. Translation of "Recommendation regarding the interpretation of article II, paragraph 2, and article VII, paragraph 1, of the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, done in New York, 10 June 1958 (2006)" Chapter. In Emerging Rules of International Commercial Law: Bilingual (English-Japanese) Selected UNCITRAL Texts, edited by UNCITRAL, Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific and Global Private Law Forum. Tokyo: Shojihomu, 2016

- Author: Luca Castellani, Translator: Hisaei Ito and Mana Takahashi, 'Trade law reform in Asia and the Role of UNCITRAL: A look from the perspective of the comparative lawyer'. "Comparative Law Review". Vol.50. No.2.171-185. (2016.9.30). The Institute of Comparative Law in Japan.

- Author: Luca Castellani, Translator: Mana Takahashi, 'Basic facts about UNCITRAL'. "Aoyamahougakuronshu" Vol.55. No.1. 115-126. (2013.12.01). Aoyama Gakuin Hougakukai.

Email: takahashi.mana@h.mbox.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Twitter: @manasazae