What are Mind Maps?

Mind mapping is a thinking technique developed by Tony Buzan, a British educator, in the early 1970s. This technique is used not only to further develop and classify ideas and solve problems but also to accelerate and increase efficiency in time-consuming documentation in a research setting.

Mind mapping has been incorporated into corporate training at IBM, Disney, BMW, and Nike. In those companies, some meetings are carried out using mind maps. They are also used in the education field. In Finland, which consistently ranks in the top tier of countries in the OECD PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) survey, mind maps called "Ajatus Kartta" are used in Finnish classrooms.

In Japan, various educational institutions, from elementary schools through graduate schools, large corporations, and government agencies have mind mapping workshops in which people of all ages use mind maps for study, work, and other aspects of everyday living.

By attending our Mind Map Workshops, you can learn the basic steps of creating mind maps and be introduced to examples of their use in the research and education fields. You are sure to enjoy discovering the scope and depth of mind mapping.