Faculty Recruitment Manual

Faculty Recruitment Manual for Promoting Diversity in Universities

For universities to secure excellent human resources, the qualifications of applicants must be fairly evaluated regardless of gender, nationality, or other backgrounds in the recruitment of faculty members. At the same time, for universities to attract and retain talented individuals who will contribute over the long term, universities must have organizational culture and workplace structure that maximize the abilities of the faculty members who are appointed to the position. An organization with a healthy, democratic atmosphere that is inclusive of minorities and respects diversity will not only enable individual researchers to develop their abilities but will also produce a rich soil that nurtures creativity and vitality. This Faculty Recruitment Manual describes precautions to be taken in the selection process of faculty members so that universities can produce outstanding educational and research results through the promotion of diversity. We hope that you will find this manual useful in your efforts to secure talented individuals who are not only highly capable as individuals but who can also contribute to the creation of organizational culture and system to bring out the full potential of their abilities.

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